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If you wish to get a refund for your order, before your order has been processed, please send us a message and let us know and we may cancel your order at our discretion. There is a 10% refund fee on all orders due to credit card fees. Once orders have been processed, there will be no refunds. 

If your product is damaged during shipping, please send us a picture of the box and bag(s) that were damaged. We may then issue you a gift card to use on our online store for total losses!

If your product isn't completely freeze dried, we will issue a gift card for the full price that you paid for the product plus a little extra to help make up for the inconvenience it has caused. Just send a video showing the soft/chewy consistency. LIMIT ONCE PER CUSTOMER AND A CAP OF $20

If your shipment gets sent back to us for whatever reason and you still want it, you are obligated to pay FULL shipping and a reshipment fee to have it reshipped. We will send an invoice to the provided email for the exact shipping. We will not refund your order if it gets sent back for any reason.

We reserve all rights to change and/or modify this at anytime.